Venus engineers , a pioneer in making ultramodern and innovative lab furniture is head quartered in Coimbatore which has the sobriquet of the MANCHESTER OF SOUTH INDIA. Coimbatore occupies a prominent place in the industrial map of India.

We have a uni focal mission of fabricating and manufacturing a bevy of state–of–the–art lab furniture. We have been in the lab furniture market for well over half-a-decade.we are pleased to announce that we have spread our wings in the entire south India and a part of Maharashtra state.

We are poised to expand an market space for our TRENDIEST super lab furniture across India, perhaps across the globe. Our lab furniture products are well-received by the multitude of clientele. Our products are made of high quality raw materials which ensure durability and long-life. We are pleased to render our flawless after-sale service for long. We develop an umbilical bondage with our customers.

The very presence of Venus furniture add more glitters to the ambiance and aesthetics of your laboratory and research facility premises. Thankfully VENUS ENGINEERS has emerged as one of the top notch companies manufacturing the lab furniture. We would strive for reaching the highest range in the ladder of the lab furniture manufacturing. We string our nerves to innovate latest lab furniture products with our scientific and technological acumen.As we Aim For Perfection, Always Quality Conscious People VENUS is The Right Option. VENUS Products Add a Touch of Splendors To An Entire Lab!


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